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A must-have to use in your daily beauty routine and will save you valuable minutes on your makeup application. These fishtail design false eyelashes tweezers are the go-to tool for helping to apply artificial eyelashes firmly and remove them easily.




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  • Applying or Removing Faux Eyelashes is a Matter of Preference. Below is a Helpful Guide.

    Step 1: Hold the LASH APPLICATOR the same as tweezers, Pick up the desired lash to be applied.

    Step 3: While holding the LASH APPLICATOR with faux eyelash attached, add eyelash glue along the false eyelash root.

    Step 4: Apply the faux eyelash to the root of your natural lashes with a bit of pressure for 15 seconds. 

    How to take off false eyelashes:

    Step 1: Put index finger and thumb on the LASH APPLICATOR clip middle wide part.

    Step 2: Clamped gently on false eyelashes end, it will pry slowly to detach.

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